Quality Manual – Chapter 6

QA System of Non-award-bearing Programmes

6.1. QA System of Non-award-bearing Programmes

A robust QA system is in place for all types of programmes offered under the name of the University, including Ug and Pg programmes, the award-bearing SPCEPs (Category 2 programmes7), as well as the non-award-bearing (Category 39) programmes.

Non-award-bearing (Category 3) programmes refer to the short-term educational and professional training courses offered to external parties, which are broadly divided into two types: (i) Certificate of Completion (with assessment) and (ii) Certificate of Attendance (with attendance only). These programmes are quality assured by the internal QA system of their respective offering units or respective SDPUs.

With regard to the approval process for non-award-bearing (Category 3) programmes, the  offering units must obtain approval from their respective governing boards. Governing boards refer to the Faculty Board or the CUSCS Academic Board or any governing board/management committee with a delegated authority given by its Faculty Board or the CUSCS Academic Board.

Essential data of non-award-bearing (Category 3) programmes are collected at different levels of the University for monitoring through the Non-CUSIS CID8 by the Senate SPCEP.

A flowchart illustrating the reporting procedures is in Appendix 6-1 while a template for Collection of Non-CUSIS Class Information on Category 3 Self-Financed Programmes is in Appendix 6-2.

9 Category 3 programmes refer to non-award-bearing self-financed programmes/ courses which are offered by Faculties, Departments, research institutes/ centres and extension offices, but do not require endorsement by the Senate SPCEP (replacing UExB with effect from August 1, 2017) or approval by the Senate. With effect from the academic year 2013-14, teaching programmes which are offered in the modes of courses, seminars, training workshops, symposia and the like are also classified under this category.