Composition and Meetings

Meeting Schedule of the Senate Committee on SPCEP 2020-21

1. Composition

Chairperson: Prof. Isabella W.Y. Poon

One representative from each Faculty nominated by its Dean
Prof. Kung Lap Yan
Dr. Raymond K.H. Wong
Prof. Yetta K.L. Wong
Prof. Cheng Hong
Mr. Paul Schmidt
Prof. Timothy C.Y. Kwok
Prof. Shannon W.N. Au
Prof. Sara H. Zhong
Three members of the Senate, co-opted by the Committee
Prof. Chien Wai Tong
Prof. Alan C.K. Cheung
Prof. Tam Wai Lun
Ms. Kitty W.H. Yu, Registrar
Dr. Ella P.O. Chan, Director, School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Prof. Cecilia K.W. Chun, Director, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research

Secretary: Ms. Apphia S. Doo

2. Briefing Notes of the Meetings


First Meeting (2020-21)

Second Meeting (2020-21)